Pastor Hannes van Zyl – Spiritual Director

Ps Hannes van Zyl has been a Pastor for the last 30 years, most of which have been as Pastor of Revival City Church. He also serves on the National Leadership of the AFM of South Africa as the leader of 24 other churches in the network. These callings have brought Ps Hannes to a place where he has come to realise that ‘church’ is not only about what happens on a Sunday morning, it is about living our lives according to our belief on a daily basis. Being a Christian, to Ps Hannes, is realising that where-ever we may find ourselves we need to strive to make a positive influence on our world.

As a father of three children and a grandfather to five grandchildren, Ps Hannes is passionate about the fact that we need to deposit what we have into the next generations. It was this vision which led him to the realisation that starting a Christian Private School would help to do this on a much larger scale. Preparing and educating children in strong Biblical Principles, empowering them on how to fulfil their life purpose and guiding them on how to be a positive part of society is seen by Ps Hannes as a key function of all Christians and the church in particular. It is his belief that the younger we train up a child in the things of the Lord, the greater the benefits will be for the child, and society; even Jesus, at the age of twelve, was found sitting in the temple discussing the things of God with the elders.

It is Pastor Hannes’ prayer that Revival City College be instrumental in helping children to hear the voice of God.

1 Sam 3:8-10 Eli perceived that the Lord had called the boy.  Therefore Eli said to Samuel, “Go, lie down; and it shall be, if He calls you, that you must say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.’” So Samuel went and lay down in his place. Now the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel answered, “Speak, for your servant hears.” NKJV

Karen van den Oever – Operational Director

Karen van den Oever had been in education for over 37 years, the last 19 of which had been as a Principal in a local primary school. Karen is passionate about education, believing that this is the tool through which society can be moulded and our future generations equipped to give of their best in our country.  Karen has a Higher Diploma in Education; BA (honours); FDE in Educational Management and her MBA focusing on Strategic Planning and Ethics. It is her belief that all educators need to see their profession as a calling as it is a privilege to be able to sow into the lives of children, preparing them for their roles in society.

As a Christian, Karen believes that Christian values and principles should be the basis of all education, since without God as our foundation; nothing built will stand the test of time. It is her heart’s desire to bring children to the realisation that they are loved beyond measure, just as they are, by a God who has a plan and a purpose for their lives. Karen believes that once we have instilled this understanding in a child’s heart, we are able to guide that child to fulfill all they are called to fulfill, academically, on the sports field and more especially spiritually.

Having years of experience in education, Karen places great importance on the cooperation between parent and school. Without both these parties being willing to always place the child’s interest first, little of value will be accomplished. It is her belief that within a safe environment, with clear parameters and expectations, that a child will flourish and grow.

In 2016 Karen was appointed by the church to do the preliminary work needed to establish the school. Karen sees her involvement in the establishing of the Revival City College as a wonderful calling from God to help create an environment in which quality education may be delivered at affordable fees, all within the context of Christian norms and principles. As Operational Director, Karen is responsible to ensure the quality of academics delivered is of an excellent standard, and that the staff appointed are staff who see teaching as their calling and who place the interests of the children first in all instances. For her, giving children the tools to learn and grow academically whilst laying a sound Christian foundation in the lives of these children is a way in which she may contribute towards future generations.

Ms Natalie Louw – Principal

n-louwrccNatalie is a passionate, dedicated teacher who has committed the last 27 years of her life to the children in her care in the classroom, on the sport fields and in any way they have been brought across her path.

Once she qualified with a Higher Diploma in Education – Cum Laude, she began her teaching career in a Pre-school in the South of Johannesburg where she spent 4 years. In this environment her leadership and management skills were quickly identified and she soon took on the role of Acting Principal. With the closure of all state Pre-school’s, Natalie took up a position at a Primary school in the South of Johannesburg where she started off in the Foundation Phase and quickly moved up to the Intermediate and Senior Phases.

Here too, her commitment and dedication was exemplary and she soon moved into a Management Position. Her accomplishments in education amongst many other things includes being awarded 2nd place in the National Teachers’ Awards, being requested by the District officials to spearhead the establishment of a new Primary School in the southern suburbs and take on the role of Caretaker Principal, being appointed as Head of Department Academics as well as being in charge of all extra- curricular activities, being in charge of the Grade R Phase as well as being appointed by the GDE as a Lead teacher for Grade R and being appointed as Acting Deputy Principal of the Primary School.
Natalie Is a fully certified Counsellor and SANCA counsellor as well as being a trained first aider. At present Natalie is furthering her studies in the Educational Leadership and Management.

Natalie is a committed Christian, seeing each child placed into her care as a gift from God. Accepting the position as Principal of our College was not taken lightly, she spent a great deal of time seeking the Lord about this and she believes this is God’s plan and purpose for her life. We are blessed to have her on board!

Ms Misty Hutchins – Deputy Principal

m-hutchins-rccMisty has been teaching for a number of years in a primary school in the Southern Suburbs, where she was appointed right after graduating. Her field of expertise is in the Foundation Phase, where she has been Grade Tutor for the past 7 years.

Misty was appointed as HOD by the SGB of her school just over 2 years ago where she has headed up the School Based Support Team, working closely with the speech, remedial and occupational therapists, ensuring that children with needs, be it academic or emotional are identified and given the necessary assistance. Misty is a certified counsellor specializing in trauma counselling, bereavement counselling and bullying. Misty has designed a comprehensive Bullying Programme for her school which has been implemented over the past two years, where she works closely with the victims of bullying as well as the perpetrators.

Misty is a passionate teacher, seeing her profession as a calling and a way in which she can make a difference in the lives of children. As a Christian Misty gives of her best in all aspects believing that everything she does, she does as unto the Lord. At present Misty is furthering her studies in Educational Leadership and Management

Misty spent a great deal of time seeking the Lord’s guidance about taking up the position as Deputy Principal at our College. She believes the Lord has great plans for her and for this college. We are blessed to have her as our deputy!