Extra Curricular Activities

At Revival City College we believe in developing the child holistically. We are also aware that not all children excel within the classroom environment and that in order to mould these children into becoming the best they are capable of becoming, we need to create opportunities for them to develop outside the classroom. In order to help every child to grow into the best individual he or she could be holistically, we will therefore host a number of sporting and cultural activities which will be offered at different times of the year.

We also attempt to create opportunities for our children to participate in activities against other schools, as it is our belief that healthy competition is crucial to a balanced development of every child. It is in our belief that it is within the parameters of this healthy competition that a child learns to cope constructively with accomplishments, defeat, perseverance, commitment and dedication – all life lessons every individual needs to learn


We have come to an arrangement with the owners of the Brackenhurst Tennis Club to make use of their facilities.  The sports offered:  Tennis, Mini tennis, Netball,  Mini Netball and Soccer.

Our own facilities loan themselves to cross country and athletics.

Cultural  Activities:

A number of cultural activities hosted to ensure we cater for as many different interests and needs as possible. These include: Percussion band, Chess, Choir, Choral Group, Drama, Art Club,  Community Awareness Groups.