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Revival City College is a Bible based Primary and Pre-Primary School aimed at providing quality education at affordable fees. We see the education process as a three tiered structure where Child, College and Home all play integral roles independently and with regards to each other.  In order to provide quality education, we believe each child needs to be seen as an individual and their needs and challenges need to be identified and addressed. As our class sizes will not exceed 20 per class in the Foundation Phase and 20 per class in the Intermediate Phase, we believe we will be able to grant each child the attention their needs.

Our primary role at Revival City College is seen as creating in each child a sense of self-worth and a belief that there is a plan and purpose for their lives, and that with God on their sides, they will be able to do all things. We believe that by ensuring that our teachers see their profession as a calling and the children placed in their care as gifts from God, we will create a positive foundation on which to build. As each child is a representative of the home they come from, we will encourage the positive involvement of the parents, grandparents and caregivers who support and encourage the child. We trust therefore that by College and Home working together in the best interest of the child we will ensure that each of the children enrolled in our college excel and develop to their full potential.

Extra Curricular Activities

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