Educational Philosophy of Revival City College

John F. Kennedy is quoted to having said that,  “A child miseducated is a child lost.” We believe that children are gifts to us from God and that as parents and educators we are in a privileged position to sow into their lives as we prepare them for adulthood.  Educating a child is more than just teaching them how to make a living; it is about teaching them how to live! The Bible has assured us that if we “bring up a child in the ways of the Lord, when he is old he will not depart from it’. Proverbs 6:22. With this as our basis, we see all our tasks within Revival City College as preparing your children for their future, ensuring we are not ‘miseducating’ them.

The Traditional African proverb that states that it takes a village to raise a child, is held as being true here at Revival City College. Our aim is to encourage a close collaboration between parent and college as we sow into your child’s life.  It is through open communication and positive cooperation that we will work at guiding and moulding your child in the class and outside of it. During this process we will focus on the uniqueness of each individual, encouraging strengths to be developed and weaknesses to be addressed in as positive a manner as possible.

We strongly believe that it is only within clear parameters and boundaries that a child will feel safe enough to  explore his environment and his own potential and through this exploration, grow and develop spiritually, emotionally,  academically and physically.  We therefore believe that a disciplined environment is crucial. In order  to accomplish this we believe that instilling in each individual the skills to be self- disciplined, understanding that choices have consequences and that being mature enough to face those consequences is crucial to developing towards being a well- balanced, productive member of society. It is therefore crucial that you as the parent and we the college speak the same language when it comes to discipline. We also encourage you as the parent,  to motivate your child to get involved with as many activities the college has to offer as possible, as it is through these that your child will learn to identify his interests and strengths, thereby building up his self-esteem.  Our aim is to develop all facets of your child, both inside the class and outside of it, as it is through this that we will develop the child as a whole.

As we embark on this journey together over the next few years of your child’s life, we wish to assure you that we take the responsibility of educating your child very seriously. We trust in the Lord for His guidance as we embark on this awesome journey together.  May we as College and Parent together become the solid foundation and support your child will need to become all God has created him to become. May we the teachers and you the parents become the role models your child will use on which to mould their characters and may we one day,  when we look back at what each has become, be proud of the legacy we have together created!

Be Blessed

The Principal, Staff, and Board of Revival City College