Our History

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he

Will not depart from it.

In 1992 Revival City Alberton as a church received words from the Lord that ‘we will have many children and that they will play in a peaceful and safe environment.’  In 1997 these words were confirmed, and we were promised by the Lord that ‘we will take the next generation into their future’. We were also instructed that ‘we must not forget the children.’

Standing on these words from God, and since we feel that church buildings in most cases  are for most part underutilized, Pastor Hannes and his Leaders stepped out in faith and decided to open a Christian school on the church premises. It is their belief that it is through the children that the community will be touched for Jesus.

As a step in faith, Revival City Church, in 2016, built the first seven classrooms plus a sickbay, Principal’s office and Secretary’s office on our premises – the first phase in the 30 classes we propose to have completed within the next 7 years. All the necessary procedures were followed in order to register the College which will eventually be able to accommodate 500 children. Registration with the GDE as an Independent school which will be following the CAPS curriculum was confirmed in 2017!

The prophetic words received from the Lord in 1992, 1993 and 1994 about this school, were cast into the concrete floors of the first classrooms within the church building. These promises say ‘we will need faith to go where the Lord is going to lead us’;  another one that ‘our ways and ideas of being church will be changed by the Lord’;  and a third that ‘revival will come to us.’

With the continued favour showered on us by the Lord, we were led to consider the expansion of our college to accommodate a High School. In 2019 steps were taken to begin the planning and building of the High School. An architect and engineer were commissioned to draw up plans for Phases 3; 4 and 5. The proposal is that Phase 3 housing amongst other things, the College Reception and Administrative block; Staff room, Computer Centre; Management Team Offices; Sick Bay and additional classes, be built in 2020. Phase 4 housing the Tuckshop, Eating hall, College Hall, Workshop and Maintenances facilities and Phase 5 housing the High School Block and additional High School Staffroom is planned to be built in 2021/22. We thank the Lord for the vision and direction He has given us in this mammoth task and we praise Him for the favour and provision He has bestowed on us.

It is with great excitement and expectancy from the Lord that we have opened this College. We know it will be a place of great blessing to not only the children enrolled here, but also to their parents and the staff employed here.