1. Interest shown in our College

Forms downloaded from our website or FB.

  • Application for admission
  • Agreement to pay college fees
  • College indemnity form
  • Application for AC
  • AC indemnity  – should they want to enroll in AC

2. Application

  • Grade R – 3 is on a first come first serve basis. Grade 4 – 6 will be asked to do the Entrance Assessment.
  • Forms completed. All accompanying documents are attached. Application for Registration fee of R1000 is paid and POP of this payment is attached. All these are returned by mail to college.
  • On receiving documents and POP parent will be contacted and a date and time given for the Baseline Assessment.
Review Process

3. Review Process

Parent and child come in for the Entrance Assessment.


4. Success

  • Based on the outcomes of the assessment the parent is contacted.
  • If the results fall within our criteria, the child is accepted and a letter of acceptance is forwarded to the parent. The parent is notified about the following:
    • Stationery list
    • Uniform suppliers
    • Intake party
    • Registering on D6
    • IKHOKA card purchase
    • Child’s Gmail account activation
  • If the Baseline Assessment results are not within the criteria required, parent is notified that unfortunately we are unable to accommodate the enrolment of the child. A percentage of the Application for Registration fee will be reimbursed to the parent once we have been mailed the banking details
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