Our Vision and Mission for Revival City College

Our Vision

We serve God and people in an atmosphere of revival in order to make more and better disciples. (Acts1:8, 2:4 and 38-41, Matthew 4:10, 28: 19 -20).

The school, its children, parents and educators will be seen as our mission field. We will pursue the presence of God and share it.


Our Mission

At Revival City College our mission is to be obedient to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be aware of His special love for children.

We aim therefore to create an atmosphere within our school which allow each child to become fully aware of their purpose before the Lord, thereby striving to fulfill their potential in all areas with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Whilst delivering quality education, we will aim at training up each child in the ways of the Lord as instructed by Proverbs 22:6, thereby laying a sound foundation for their future both spiritually and academically.


College School Song

We are the learners of Revival City.
We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
We’re the Apple of God’s Eye,
the Apple of God’s Eye,
We are fearfully and wonderfully made.
And we’re blessed by The LORD on High

For us there’s a purpose and a Plan Divine,
for with God on our side we know we can.
All things are possible if only we believe
God’s fulness and purpose we’ll achieve.
And we’re blessed by the LORD on High

We are standing on God’s Word,
We are washed in the Blood of Christ.
We are led by the Spirit of God,
and we know we are loved.
we know we are loved,
for we’re fearfully and wonderfully made
And we’re blessed by the LORD on High.

Hand in hand we will lead the way
In our College, in our homes, in our land.
In the power of the LORD ,
His Power day by day,
we know that no matter what we’ll stand..
For we’re blessed by the LORD on High!